25oz Star Olive Oil for $4 @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

So i’m needing some olive oil, and look! there is a great deal on it TOMORROW(Friday , 11/9/12). This deal is for the 25oz size bottle, the larger bottle, of Olive Oil for $4 each! That’s a great price. The deal is on the many varieties also!

Safeway has a few items for $5 every Friday.
(actually they extend it the whole weekend, if you add the J4U price to your club card)

But nothing special is required if you buy it tomorrow.

HERE is a coupon for a $1/1 Star Olive oil coupon

So this is how the deal looks,
Buy 1  25oz Bottle =$5
use $1/1 Star Olive Oil Coupon (2 per computer)
=$4 – PAY
Voila, cheap and easy!

You can buy as many bottles as you have coupons.

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