$3.48 $2.98!! 12-pack Cottonelle Ultra @ Winco [BEGINNER]

{UPDATE}  There is a $0.50 ibotta credit for these also.  Which makes one of these $2.98!!! {UPDATE}


Here is a deal that literally requires no coupons.  You walk in and you walk out!(after paying of course) 🙂


Sorry for that bad pictures today, But as you can kinda see it says $3.48!  Which for 2ply double rolls in a good brand is a REALLY great price.  Especially because we don’t even need to use coupons. There are even a few stores out there that might have little $1/1 peelie coupon on these, which would bring these to $2.48!

Again, there is not limits on these, and it doesn’t say how long these will be at this price, so if this is a great price for you, i would stock up! 🙂

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