$3 off a $5 Meat Purchase Store Coupon @ Fred Meyer

Yikes, what a good coupon.  $3 off a $5 meat purchase? Yep! AND the coupon is good for 8 days starting today, 3/15/14 through 3/22/14!! It works on seafood!!!!


Fred Meyer has various newsletters you can sign up for and usually they don’t contain super great coupons like this, but every once in awhile… 🙂  Everyone can get this coupon here, $3 off any meat purchase of $5 or more coupon.  I would download and then print it.  The $1.97/lb Corn beef sale ends today, and the other day I picked up one for $5.23 …if I had this coupon, it would have only been $2.23!!! Obviously this is a Fantastic coupon!!

You can use it also with some of the meat deal for next week, Fred Meyer Weekly Deals 3/16-3/22!

So I was already to post this deal, but I decided to go test it so you could have the confidence it actually works!  It works!! 🙂  It works on Seafood!  I tested it and it rang up perfectly!!! It also worked on the below items, I paid $2.32 for the Chuck steak on one transaction and $2.38 for another! Corned Beef on another transaction!!

2014-03-15 13.12.28

Thanks QueenBeeCoupons for the coupon

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5 comments to $3 off a $5 Meat Purchase Store Coupon @ Fred Meyer

  • Pixie Saver

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Meat has gotten so expensive and is only going to get more so. I think it’s time to buy that freezer…

  • Terry

    Just back from FM, they did not want to accept the coupon from my cell. Cashier said she would “take it this time but it is against their policy”. Just thought I would share my experience & warn b4 u try it.
    BTW Big Big Thank you for letting us know about this great offer!!

    • gdog

      lol, it even says, if you print it out, “Print or present on your smartphone.” sigh…hehe Im feistier than you are, I would have loaded up their official coupon from the link on my homepage and ask them to show me where. 🙂 But im glad it worked!

  • Terry

    So after my FM did not want to take the coupon from my cell, I called Customer Service. They said it was up to the individual store to make that policy. Was also told that coupon is to be used one time only (“Limit one of this coupon per Customer”), not one time per transaction also not one time via cell and one time printed. Wanted to let you all know they made it a point to tell me this in detail.

    • bruno

      I work for Freddys. They should always accept Frem Meyer Coupon offers that are emailed directly to you and presented on your phone. It is our policy and should be depending from store to store. And yes, it should be only for one time only, but there is no way to control that.
      Hope that helps and let’s stock on meat and seafood

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