4 FREE Music MP3 Downloads to ANY Sony Artist

Its been awhile since we have had an opportunity for FREE Music.  This deal just became available from Mastercard and Sony. (No CC Required or string attached!!)

  1. First Go here, Mastercard Priceless Promotion.
  2. Then Enter your email address
  3. Then enter the Code, “Surprises”
  4. Figure out the lame captcha
  5. Click “Claim Now”

Then within minutes you will get an email with a Code for 4 FREE Music Downloads.  The Code does not expire until 12/31/14!!!

You can go here, to view the Music Collection to Choose from, and where it says “Enter your Unique code” is where you enter your code you got in your email for the FREE Tunes!  I looked everywhere and I could not find where it says one per household-person-address…anything.  So ill just leave it at that. 😉

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