$4 Moneymaker Sundown Multi-Vitamin Gummies @ Rite Aid

Here is a Fantastic deal we can get this week, $4 Moneymaker Sundown Multi-Vitamin Gummies @ Rite Aid!  Hopefully everyone can take advantage of this deal.  First to see if you can do this deal, you need to see if the Sundown Offer has been available to you.  Go to  Just on the main page, there are many various offers that do change per person.  Hopefully you are offered the following promotion,

$4 Moneymaker Sundown Multi-Vitamin Gummies @ Rite Aid

If you are “activate” the deal.  Here is the deal breakdown!

Deal Details

  • The Sundown Multi-vitamin Gummies are $7.99 B1G1 this week through 3/26
  • There is a $2/1 Sundown Multi-vitamin Gummies Coupon
    • Take quiz, and have the coupon mailed to you.  It arrives almost instantly, so if you do not get it, check your SPAM folder.


So the thing that makes this deal awesome, is that by buying 2 of them we trigger the above promo, but we only have to pay for “One” of them because of the B1G1 price!  There are many flavors you can get of the gummies.  I chose to buy 2 different types for this deal, as I have a card and my wife has a card and we were both offered this promo. I did this deal yesterday, and gave everyone a heads up on this deal on the Face Book page!  I waited to make sure the Plenti Points showed up in my account this morning, and they did!! (What other vitamins will trigger this deal you ask? I dont know, I have heard that many if not all the gummies are triggering it, and the 2 below did.)

Buy 2 x Sundown Multi-vitamin Gummies, $7.99 (=$7.99 total because of B1G1)
-$2 Use a $2/1 Sundown Multi-vitamin gummies
Final Price OOP=$5.99 after coupon(for 2 bottles) and get 1000 ($10 value) Plenti Points the next day!
Final Price after points=$4.01 Money Maker after Plenti Points


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