50% off any Handcrafted Espresso Drink thru 3/19/13 @ Starbucks

This is a another GREAT deal that i hope works for you.  This one i would use sooner than later as there is some new changes starting on Monday that may affect this deal!! This promo ends Tuesday March 19th!

If you have your card loaded on your phone, check your “rewards” tab.  You should see this offer.  If you don’t, you didn’t get this offer.  Starting Monday, baristas are “supposed” to verify on each card before they give you this offer.  BUT, the official directions, as posted above, just say “Pay with your “registered card”.  So show them this above promo page, and pay with your Starbucks Card, you should be good to go!  You can use the above or go HERE(for the same thing)

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