$5off Panera Broth Bowl + Free Drink +Free Treat!! @ Panera

Some people just LOVE Panera!  I go through times when I like to go there and then it seems like month go by and I don’t go in at all.  This NEW promo will probably Get me back in there(at least once) 🙂

Deal Details

  • Panera has 6 new Youtube videos to watch on their Website.
  • Panera is offering a $5off Coupon towards their New Broth Bowls(reg $8.19-$8.69) When you watch 3 of the videos
  • Panera is offering a Free Coffee/Tea/Soda when you watch all 6 videos
    • These 2 offers are valid for 2 weeks once loaded to your Panera Card
  • If its a New account, you get a Free Treat!


Click Here to go to the above promo page.  Once there sign in or Join Now.  Once you do that You will be presented with 6 videos.  I clicked the first one, fast forwarded to the end, and did that for all 6 videos.  After 3, a little window popped up saying it loaded the $5 off Broth Bowl Coupon.  After 6 videos, I got a window that said I got a FREE Drink!

I then went HERE to look to see if the Promos were loaded on my Panera Card, and I went HERE to find out what my new Panera Card number was.  You can print this out, or download a Panera Mobile App on your phone, and find it there.

Here is my offers I received!

$5off Panera Broth Bowl + Free Drink +Free Treat!! @ Panera


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