A Informational J4U Safeway Alert!

This post is not a deal per say.  BUT last week Safeway had a deal where you could have gotten a T-mobile Sparq Phone for $4.99!!!  It was a great deal, but deal never happened, which is the reason for this post.  Safeway sneakily, and I think VERY wrongly did some things that were not above board.

As you know the individual deals you see on my site, you can buy/try deals with confidence, because they have been tested to work.  And if a deal never does work, Please, tell me and I will help you fix it with the store you had the problem with, hence the reason for the Manager Details area HERE, we can talk to the Store Manager where you had an issue.

So, again during the month of March(thru 3/30), Safeway had the T-Mobile Sparq phone on sale for $29.99, the regular price $49.99.  But during the second week of the month, Safeway released a $25 off T-Mobile Sparq J4U e-coupon.  So i added the below coupon to my J4U account.(i have a better picture somewhere)

Well, when i did that, i went to the store, and they pulled the monthly sale price.  Safeway changed the price back up to $49.99, my assumption is to work with the $25.00 off J4U, so that the final price would be, $24.99.  Well at this point, that was not worth it to me.  So I waited a week, and to my surprise, the following week the Phone Price went back down to $29.99!  So i hurried over to Safeway to use my J4U coupon, and I got the phone, went through the checkout, and the phone rang up $24.99!  I said to them that wasn’t right, I had a $25 off coupon loaded to my card, and they had me go over to Customer Service to speak with a manager.  I pulled up my account on my phone, and this is what i saw

They Changed the coupon!  I told the manager that, and he said that can’t happen, which i agreed with him, but regardless, Safeway actually changed a J4U coupon that was added to my card.  He told me without any proof that the coupon was once $25off, he couldn’t help me.  I called Mark L?, who is the regional manger in charge of marketing, and he has yet to address this issue.  I also posted the issue on the Safeway Facebook Page, and it appears that this coupon changed on everyone’s account, not just mine.  And i checked a few other sources, and it appears they changed this coupon system wide.  Safeway has yet to address this issue.

As we know deals come and go, but principally, this could be a very bad thing.  The thought “bait and switch” comes to mind.   What would happen if I added a $5 off coupon on “X” product and by the time I got to the store, they changed it to a $2 off coupon.  I can easily say that Safeway would say that would never happen, and that’s just not true, is it. 🙂   I hope Safeway will address this issue, and I hope they never do this sort of thing again.  But if it ever does, please let me know.

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