Albertsons Coupon Policy Changes + Albertsons News!!


Coupon Policy Changes

So lets First get to the new new coupon policy changes that we can take advantage NOW!  It is not in print yet, once it is(if it actually gets printed), I will post it!  The main big change is this:

Albertsons will now accept all Catalina coupons that say “Redeem at Safeway, Fred Meyer, Walgreens, etc.” They will not accept Catalina coupons that say “Redeem ONLY at . . .”

This is wonderful news.  Catalinas are a national promotional tool.  If there is a national promotion, it will work at all at all retailers that have a Catalina machine.  Yet most retailers only allow Catalina coupon printed at the specific store.  NOW, Albertsons will accept them all.  Very few any more actually say “Redeem ONLY at..”  The best way to take advantage of this is the use of Walgreens Register Rewards coupons.  I will highlight this fact in the coming weeks.  Again, Wonderful News.

New Ownership!

There are some big changes coming to the Albertsons Shopping experience.  If you didn’t hear, Albertsons was bought out.  SUPERVALU no longer owns Albertsons. What does that mean for you?  Great Question!  Short term, awesome things.  Long term, who knows, time will tell. Albertsons, LLC bought the SUPERVALU stores.  They have a different take on things.  They believe in cheap prices and great customer service.  I know that sounds like a line, but its true.  BUT, if a store can’t make it based on the location of the store with those 2 things, Albertsons, LLC WILL close some stores.

Another change is that currently, Albertsons, LLC does not have a coupon policy.  They allow each store to make up their own.  Just the sound of that makes my coupon senses stand on end.  But we will have to see how that goes.  MANY people have expressed concern on this topic and they have responded.  Go HERE to hear their response and they would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

SUPERVALU will continue to print ads through the first week in June.  After that, we will be getting ads from Albertsons, LLC.  They will be trying VERY hard to get customers into the store.  That means for the first few months, FANTASTIC deals.  One of the ones that will be coming late June or early July is Buy $10 of Meat(good prices) they will give you 2 more packages for FREE.  🙂  🙂 🙂   The prices in the store have already started to go cheaper.  I noticed today a few things.  The price of milk is regular price around $2.50, eggs at $1.69, yogurt, cheese, things like that MUCH cheaper than they used to be.  Again, the short term will be very beneficial for Great Deals.  Stay Tuned for more info!

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