Albertsons Weekly Deal Summary 7/2 – 7/8


Well…back to a nice weekly deal summary for next’s week ad, the Albertsons Weekly Deal Summary 7/2 – 7/8. I have listed many of the items from the ad, and/or that have coupon associated with an item. I have highlighted some of my favorites with a **!

Also at the end of each of my posts is a little “Print Friendly” button, click it and you can cut/paste through the following list and come up with your shopping list fairly quickly!

If any new coupons come up in the next few days, I’ll keep this list updated! The 3 day sale items refer to July 2nd – July 4th


Albertsons Meat & Seafood Deals

**(3 day sale) Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, $1.98/lb**

Steakhouse Choice Beef Ribeye Steaks, $6.88/lb

Steakhouse Choice Seasoned Petite Sirlon Steaks, B1G2 with in-ad coupon

Seasoned Chicken Leg Quarters, B1G2 with in-ad coupon

Pork Baby Back Ribs, $2.88/lb

Fresh Northwest Rainier Cherries, $3.49/lb

Hebrew national Beef Franks, $2.99 with in-ad coupon (limit 3)

Ball park Angus Beef Franks, $2.99 with in-ad coupon (limit 3)

Fresh ground Beef, $3.99/lb with in-ad coupon

Signature 8piece chicken, $5.99 with in-ad coupon (limit 2)

Johnsonville Brats, $3.99
$1/1 Johnsonville Sausage (exp 12/31/14)
Final Price= $2.99 ea after coupon

Steakhouse Choice Boneless Beef Bottom Roast, $4.99/lb

Steakhouse Choice Beef Chuck roast, $4.99/lb

Hills Smoked bacon, $4.99/lb

Fresh Wild Keta Salmon Fillet, $5.99/lb

CoD Fillet, $3.99/lb

Seasoned Boneless Pork Chops, B2G1 with in-ad coupon

Seasoned Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, B2G1 with in-ad coupon

seasoned pork Shoulder Steaks, B2G1 with in-ad coupon

Bar S Meat Franks, $0.99

Oscar mayer Hot Dogs, $2.50

Albertsons Vegetable & Fruit Deals

**(3 day sale) Whole Seedless Watermelon, $0.29/lb**

Sabra Guac or Dip, B1G1

Walla walla Onions, $1.29/lb

Red-yellow-orange peppers, $1.50

Organic Hot hosue Tomatoes, $2.49/lb

Northwest Grown Red Cheeries, $2.99/lb

Albertsons Dairy & Cheese Deals

Albertsons Large Eggs, $1.29 with in-ad coupon (limit 4)

Essential everyday Chunk Cheese, $3.99

Essential Everyday Cream Cheese, $1.50

Sargento Shredded Cheese, $2.50

Dannon Greek 100 Yogurt, $1
$1/4 Dannon Oikos Single Serve Cups (exp 7/31/14) RP 06/01/14
Final Price= $0.75 ea WYB 4 after coupon

International Delight, $3.50

Albertsons Bread & Bakery Deals

Albertsons Buns, $1.49

Franz natural bread, $2.49
$1/1 Franz Product (exp Varies)
Final Price= $1.49 ea after coupon

Albertsons Frozen & Refrigerated Deals

(3 day sale) Dreyers Ice Cream, $2.50
$1/2 Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream or Grand Ice Cream Product (exp 8/3/14) SS 06/29/14
Final Price= $2 ea WYB 2 after coupon

Northstar Twin pops, $0.99

Red baron Pizza, $3.50
$0.50/1 Red Baron Pizza Singles or Minis (exp 6/30/14) SS 06/01/14
$1/2 Red Baron Singles (exp Varies)
$0.50/1 Red Baron Singles (exp Varies)
Final Price= $3 ea after coupon

Dreyers Outshine bars, $3.50
$1/1 Outshine Fruit Bars, Outshine Fruit & Veggie Bars or Outshine Coconut Water Bars (exp Varies)
Final Price= $2.5 ea after coupon

Alexia, $2.50

Other Albertsons Deals

(3 day sale) Buy 2 MiO and get a FREE Case of Water, $3.49
$1/1 Mio, Mio Energy, or Mio Fit Liquid Water Enhancer (exp 7/8/14) SS 06/08/14 R
Final Price= $2.49 ea after coupon($4.98 for 2 MiO and a case of water)

Independence Day Craft Beer Event 40% select Oregon Craft Beer July2nd-July4th

Lay Chips, B1G1

VitaminWater, $0.67 ea WYB 15

Powerade, $0.67 ea WYB 15

Fuze, $0.67 ea WYB 15

nabisco snack Crackers, $1.99

Bushs Baked Beans, $1.66

Heinz Ketchup, $1.99
$0.25/1 Heinz Tomato Ketchup (exp 8/10/14) RP 06/22/14
Final Price= $1.74 ea after coupon

Mt Olive Pickles, $2.50

Tropicana Farmstand Juice, $3.50
$1/1 Tropicana Farmstand Bottle (exp 7/31/14) SS 06/08/14
Final Price= $2.50 ea after coupon

gatorade, $1

Oreo Cookies, $2.50
$1/2 Oreo Cookies (exp 8/31/14)
Final Price= $2 ea WYB 2 after coupon

KoolAid Packets, $0.10

Cheezit Crackers, $2.99

Luna Bar, $1

Wild harvest organic Salsa, $2.50

Wild Harvest Organic Ketchup, $1.99

Oxi Clean laundry Detergent, $7.99
$1/1 Oxiclean Laundry Detergent, Dishwasher Detergent or Versatile Stain Remover (exp 7/4/14) SS 05/04/14 #2
$2/1 OxiClean Laundry Detergent (exp Varies)
$1/1 OxiClean Laundry Detergent, Dishwasher Detergent, or White Revive Laundry Stain Remover (exp Varies)
$1/1 OxiClean Laundry Detergent (exp Varies)
Final Price= $5.99 ea after coupon

Mega Sale Buy 4 save $2 instantly
prices below reflect buying 4 items

MiO Water enhancer, $2.99
$1/1 Mio, Mio Energy, or Mio Fit Liquid Water Enhancer (exp 7/8/14) SS 06/08/14 R
Final Price= $1.99 ea after coupon
(Maybe if you buy 4 you can get 2 cases of water=$8 for 4 mio and 2 cases of water)

Kraft Salad Dressing, $1.49
$1/1 on any two KRAFT Dressings
Final Price=$0.99 ea WYB 2 after coupon

Kraft mayo, $2.99

**Kraft BBQ Sauce, $0.49**
$1/2 Kraft Barbecue Sauce (exp 7/6/14) SS 05/11/14 R
Final Price= FREE WYB 2 after coupon(Oregonian did NOT get this coupon)

A1 Steak Sauce, $2.49

Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce, $1.29
$1/2 Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce (exp 7/20/14) SS 06/22/14
$1/2 Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce (exp 7/6/14) SS 05/11/14
Final Price= $0.79 ea WYB 2 after coupon

Gevalia Kaffe Coffee, $6.49

Yuban Coffee, $6.99

Maxwell House Coffee, $6.99

Jello gelatin Pudding, $1.49

Country Time Lemonade mix, $1.99

Kraft Cheese Singles, $1.99

Oscar mayer Deli Fresh lunch meat, $2.99

Claussen Pickles, $2.49
$0.75/1 Claussen Pickles (exp 7/6/14) SS 05/18/14 R
Final Price= $1.74 ea after coupon


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