Another $1 Amazon Credit @ Amazon.com

Its been awhile since Amazon has given any MP3 credits away and this time its ONLY $1!!   BUT the credit does not expire until 1/31/15! so once we add it to our account we have over a year to use it.

The Promotion is this, Purchase or Rent a Movie or TV Show from Amazon Instant Video, Get a $1 MP3 Credit!! The Great thing is the FREE TV shows and Movies are giving the Credit! 🙂

Click this link of FREE Shows, Choose ANY of the $0.00 ones, “Buy them”, and wait a few seconds and you will have a $1 MP3 Credit added to your account!

You can click on the “Check your MP3 Balance Link” to check to see if you got it.

Of course if you happen to have more than one account in your family, there is a opportunity for more! 🙂

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