Better than FREE ($1.73 Money Maker) on Neutrogena Bar Soap @ Fred Meyer

{UPDATE}  We needed to make a small change the the scenario below because apparently I can’t read. 🙂  The deal is still a money maker.  Thank YOU Pandazing!! {UPDATE}

Here is a NICE and EASY deal on Neutrogena bar soap.  In Fact it works out to be Better than FREE, a $1.73 Money Maker at Fred Meyer!  This is the kind of deal that finds the shelves permanently empty for long periods of time.  So the quicker you can get in on this deal the better!

Deal Details

  • The Neutrogena Bar Soaps are $2.09 reg price
  • There is a Buy 3 Neutrogena items and get a $5 OYNP Catalina through 3/5/14!!
  • There is a $3/2 Neutrogena Products coupon available

As you can see we buy 3 and get a $5 catalina.  You can print out 2 of the $3/2 coupon per computer.  Although the coupon prints from target.com, its a Manufacturer Coupon and can be used anywhere.  Also to make the most money on the deal we need to buy 4 bars of soap so we can use 2 coupons.  The coupons say “one per customer”, so we can only use 1 per transaction.

Buy 3 Neutrogena Bar Soap @ $2.09 (=$6.27 total)
-$3 Use 2 x $3/2 Neutrogena Products coupon
Final Price=$3.27 and get a $5 OYNP Catalina –  NET=$1.73 Money maker


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15 comments to Better than FREE ($1.73 Money Maker) on Neutrogena Bar Soap @ Fred Meyer

  • Pandazing

    Coupon is one per customer, as are all J&J coupons, so you really shouldn’t be using multiples in a single transaction.

    • gdog

      i swear i read the coupon like 3 times. Apparently my brain never got past the “one per purchase” wording. Lame and dumb me. Thanks for the catch!

  • Pandazing

    But it’s still a $1.73 money maker buying three bars with one coupon. 🙂

  • Heidi

    Grab (1) of the orange FM $1.50 off Neutrogena Product coupons hanging on the shelf next to the soap to make this deal a $3.23 money maker!

  • Angie

    Two different stores would not take the 3/2 coupon because it has the red Target symbol on it. 🙁

    • gdog

      Thats not stated in rules, so those 2 stores were wrong. On the top of the home page you will find the official corporate coupon rules, under “Store coupon policies”. Here is the pertinent things that apply,

      We accept all valid, current manufacturer’s coupons. We do not accept expired coupons or manufacturer’s coupons that state they are valid only at another listed retailer (i.e., “Good only at Safeway”). Exception: Most Catalina coupons (the coupons that print out for you at check stands) are manufacturer’s coupons and are stated as such.

      Catalina Manufacturer’s coupons that are printed with another retailer’s name may be accepted at Fred Meyer.
      Catalina competitors’ coupons for dollar/cents off a specific item will be accepted.
      Catalina dollar or percent off coupons for an entire shopping order will not be accepted.

      So above notice the 2 parts i bolded. first, they do not take it if it says “ONLY at target” it doesn’t. It just has a logo, which means they absolutely should take it. Second, they take Manufacturer Catalina coupon that have other retailer name/logo on them. Now these are manufacturer coupons (so is the $3/2) and they take them just and find and perfectly. Although a store may think of them as in a different kind of coupon, they are not. a Manufacturer coupon is a Manufacturer coupon.

      So as to taking them straight up, they should. A store could technically hide behind the “The Fred Meyer store manager has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of ANY coupon upon view.”, but personally I would ask to hear it from him/her myself.

      If you want to mention the 2 store you went to, I don’t mind making a phone call for you versus you going to the stores and kindly showing them their own policy.

      • Angie

        Thanks so much, I printed a copy of the policy just in case it happens again. The 2 stores that would not take them are 148th & Division and 82nd & Foster.

  • MommmieD

    I just cut the end of the coupon off…the part with the Target logo so that I didn’t have to worry about the cashier complaining about the Target logo. The coupon scans just fine without the logo!

  • margaret in seattle

    if you have a bartell nearby, there is a $1.50 MQ off on 1 and it does NOT exclude the bar. one coupon per customer as well. use one of the printable paired with bartell coupon to make a really sweet deal. i have done this 3 times so far and it went through just fine every time.

  • lisa

    Do you know if the catalina runs through 3/5 or 3/1? I read on the shelf tags that it runs until 3/5 but yesterday (3/2) at Fred Meyer, (I didn’t have any Neutrogena in my transaction) I received a catalina promo announcement “Buy 3 Neutrogena products (excluding trial and bar soap)between 2/16/14 – 3/1/14 and Save $5 OYNO. I don’t know why I received the promo cat announcement a day later than the supposed end date. You have a clue which is correct? I’m hoping the Target coupon resets.

    The bar soaps are excluded from the deal according to the promo cat. Do you know if they fixed it? Thanks.

    • gdog

      the tags say the 5th. so a few things could be happening,
      1) there is a NEW promo
      2) they extended the existing one, with the exclusions

      so will they overlap? dont know. there really is only one way to know, test it out.

      With Fred meyer, I go to customer service desk, which has a catalina machine, tell them i want to test something(and return regardless). I pay with cash or VISA(not debit), and return it right away. it goes quickly.

  • lisa

    Still works on the bars so I assume the cat runs through 3/5.

    Off topic: when I was using the Target $3/2, the sco guy tried to refuse my laser printed coupon because “it is a photocopy.” I set him straight by showing him the unique code. It didn’t stop him from slinking off to find his supervisor in order to legitimately deny me in my subsequent transactions. Besides the unique code, are there other tell-tale signs that a b&w laser print is different from a photocopy? Specifically referring to the Target print because they’re less fancy looking than the coupons.com ones.

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