BJ Restaurant B1G1 Entree Coupon

Here is a nice little Deal.  There are a few BJ restaurants in Portland, and apparently from time to time they issue Great Coupons like this to their “Premier” Members.  Its free to become a “Premier” member! 🙂

This Coupon is good until 1/15/15.  I wish it was longer.  There are NO crazy restrictions on this coupon.  One per Visit!!  You can use it for Take Out order!  And since there is no ‘Dinner” Restrictions, that means we can use it for lunch entrees!  I used it today.  I ordered online, 2 burgers off the lunch menu, $8.95.  I ordered online becuase their “Take out” service is VERY VERY quick.  The food was done when I got there.  They EASILY used the B1G1 Coupon, and I got 2 burgers for $8.95. 🙂

You need to sign up for a FREE Premier Card to use this coupon.  Click HERE for the Sign up Screen.  Once done, it will allow you to print out a Temp Card, ultimately you just need your “Premier” Number to give to the cashier.

I used the Online Ordering, which is FREE. You do NOT need to pay online to order. 🙂

Click HERE to get access to the B1G1 Coupon.

I asked them If i can come back tomorrow, and they said 100% yes. lol. 🙂

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