Cheap Boneless Chicken Meal Deal @ Fred Meyers [BEGINNER]

This is a nice deal the requires just an in-ad coupon to work.

Currently there is a coupon in this weeks ad for Boneless Chicken Breasts for $1.88/lb in a 4lb bag for $7.52.

There is also a promo where you buy 5 items and you get an instant $4 off.

So you need to buy these items

4lb bag of Fred Meyer chicken breasts $8.99
Fred Meyer hamburger buns $1.25
Van de Camps beans $1.00  (this is the bigger can)
Fred Meyer honey barbucue sauce $0.89
Fred Meyer American Cheese slices $1.79


-Use the in-ad chicken breast coupon -$1.47
-$4.92 will instantly come off-it just does
=$7.53 Total OOP.

basically you are getting all the other 4 items for $0.01.  But still it makes for a cheap meal and its a decent price on boneless chicken.

*** Plus this is something i have been doing all week.  CURRENTLY Fred Meyers takes EVERYONE elses Catalina Manufacturer OYNP Coupons.  Ive used a Riteaid, Safeway and albertsons OYNP coupon in one transaction, and misc of those on other transactions during this last week, and never did i once have even a bat of an eye against it.  It is in their written policy,HERE.  But if you shop at Walgreens alot, this is a great way to get rid/use some of your register rewards. 🙂

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