Cheap Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue 16 Double Rolls @ Safeway

Here is a pretty Good Deal to get Cheap Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue 16 Double Rolls @ Safeway!!  I was actually needing a good deal, and this one came to light last night for me.  Just went and did it and it worked perfect!  This deal has many steps, but they are all easy, and should be fairly repeatable for you!  have a look below! 🙂

Deal Details

Cheap Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue 16 Double Rolls @ Safeway

So ultimately this deal is about 2 different price thresholds we need to meet. To use the $10/$50 coupon we need to spend $50.  To get the $10 OYNP Catalina Coupon, we need to buy $30 worth of P&G stuff. So by buying 6 items at $8.99 each, Bath Tissue or Paper Towels, we meet both of these thresholds.  So if you wanted to buy more paper towels than Bath Tissue, you could. The Charmin Ultra Coupons have a “4 like coupons PER transaction” phrase on them.  So we can only use 4 of those.  That’s why we can load the $1/1 Charmin Ultra J4U Digital Coupon, which will allow us to buy 5.  Then we can buy a Bounty Paper towel, since its the same price, and either use the $1/1 printable coupon above, or the $1/1 Bounty Digital J4u Loadable coupon.  So once we have our Loadable $10/$50 discount coupon, our charmin coupons, our bounty coupons ready to go, we can just go to the store knowing that this deal will work as posted below!! 🙂    (if you are slightly adventurous, have a look at my Facebook page for a Pampers Diapers deal that will knock your socks off)

Buy 5 x Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue 16 Double Rolls , $8.99
Buy 1 x Bounty Paper Towels 8-10ct , $8.99  (=$53.94 TOTAL)
-$10 The $10/$50 discount will come off(or use your $10/$50 paper coupon)
-$4 Use 4 x $1/1 Charmin Ultra Soft or Strong 6 Mega Roll, 9 Big Roll, 12 Double Roll or larger Coupon
-$1 Use a $1/1 Charmin Ultra Soft or Strong J4U Loadable Digital Coupon
-$1 Use a $1.00 ONE Bounty Paper Towels 6 ct or larger Coupon or use the $1/1 Bounty Digital Coupon
-$2 Use a Double Coupon
Final Price OOP=$35.94 after coupon and double AND get a $10 OYNP Catalina Coupon
Final Price NET=$25.94 for 6 items(or $4.32each or $0.27 per double roll)

Cheap Charmin Ultra Bath Tissue 16 Double Rolls @ Safeway


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