Cheap Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches @ Fred Meyers [BEGINNER]

These little “healthy” breakfast sandwiches are generally very expensive, imo, not worth the money, BUT this week with a good coupon, it brings them down to a fairly reasonable price.

The price this week for the canadian bacon egg muffin sandwich, turkey sausage egg croissant, turkey sausage egg muffin, and turkey sausage egg light muffin sandwich are $3.99 a box.

HERE is a coupon for $2.50/1 box.  you need to share the coupon with 3 friends.  first enter your real email, and then click the email tap in red, then click the “type email addr”, then enter any 3 emails address below, and voila you get a $2.50 coupon in your email(prints 2 per computer).

That makes these $1.49 per box, $0.37each.   They make a great early morning service quick breakfast! 🙂

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