Cheap Kingsford Briquettes- 40lbs @ Home Depot [BEGINNER]

Once a year, this time of year, Everyone has cheap charcoal deals.  Home Depot is almost always the cheapest.  Starting tomorrow, officially, although 90% of the stores have secretly started today, The 20lbs bags are B1G1.  They are priced at $7.97.  So thats 40lbs for $7.97($0.19/lb).  Most dont know that Home depot takes Manufacturer Coupons.  In the new Albertsons booklet available at albertsons right now, contains a $1/1 Kingsford coupon.  Whether or not, Home Depot will allow you to use 2, using one makes this deal even better.  =$6.97 for 40lbs($0.17/lb)  (or $5.97 if they let you use 2)

Still, if this is something you use, they store well, and in most cases Home Depot sells out of these EXTREMELY quickly!  🙂

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