Cheap Motts Apple Juice @ QFC [INTERMEDIATE]

This is a very easy deal to do!  It requires you to have picked up some of the “Fall” coupon books from albertsons. Odds are you have picked up 1 for every member of your family(or 2ea :-))  If not, you can still pick them up at albertsons. You will need 5 for this deal. Inside them you will find a $1.50/2 Motts Product Coupon!

QFC has a Buy 10 Save $5instantly Promotion this week.

The Motts Apple juices are $1.49ea

Buy 10! =$14.90
-$5 instantly
-$7.50 (5x$1.50/2 Motts product Fall coupons)
thats $2.40 for 10 bottles of Juice. ($0.24ea)

Thats not a bad price at all! 🙂

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