Cheap Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

This is a easy deal that requires no upfront coupons.  They come to $0.19 each.  The 2 oz OM Lunch meats are $0.99 this week.  There is a new Catalina Promo which is this,

Buy Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats between 5/14-6/10

Buy 3, Get $2 Catalina
Buy 4, Get $3 Catalina
Buy 5+, Get $4 Catalina

So,  If we were to buy 5 packages of lunchmeat @ $0.99 =$4.95.  Then after paying, you would get back a $4 Catalina.  That makes them $0.95 for 5 packages NET.  You can then buy another for $4.95, use that previous $4 Catalina, PAY $0.95, and receive another $4 CATalina.  You can roll this as many time as you need.  Its a quick and easy deal to do.

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