[UPDATE] CHEAP Pyrex Baking Products @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

{UPDATE} We got a $1/1 Pyrex Coupon in todays Paper (7/28SS) that we can use with this deal.ย  We can also double that coupon!

I got 2 Measuring cups, a 2-cup($5.49) and a 1-cup($3.99)
I used the $1/1 Pyrex coupon 7/28 SS
I used the J4U $2/1 coupon loaded on my card
the B1G1 discount came off
double coupon($0.50)
Final price= $1.99 for both!!ย  Which is hard to beat. ๐Ÿ™‚


ANOTHER great deal to do at Safeway this week.ย  ALL the Pyrex Prepware and Bakeware(ie everything Pyrex makes) are B1G1(Buy 1 get 1) this week.ย  There is also a $2 Pyrex J4U e-Coupon you can load to your card.

Here are some of the items

So let us add the $2 J4U Pyrex e-coupon to our club card.ย  First go to the Safeway Coupon Center, and on the left hand side choose the “Paper, Cleaning & Home” category.ย  Then look for the following J4U coupon, and “add” it.


I bought the 1.5 qt mixing bowl, because its the size i use the most.ย  They are $4.99 each

Buy 2 1.5 qt mixing bowl, $4.99 each ($9.98 total)
-$4.99 B1G1 discount comes off
-$2 J4U pyrex e-coupon comes off
Final Price=$2.99 for 2 bowls($1.49 each!!)


Now, you could get the BIG mixing bowls(4qt)-$9.19 reg price, minus $2 J4U =$7.19($3.60ea) for 2 big bowls, …or 2 nice pie dishes $7.49 reg price, minus $2 J4U =$5.49($2.75ea) for 2 nice pie pans),
…or 2 1-cup measuring cups $3.99 reg price, minus $2 J4U =$1.99($0.99ea) for 2 nice measuring cups….
…or …you get the idea.ย  You can only use this $2 J4U discount once per card. ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 comments to [UPDATE] CHEAP Pyrex Baking Products @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

  • Bridget K

    Do you know is the J4U e-coupon a Safeway coupon? I ask because there is a $1/1 Pyrex in todays SS-1, I was hoping they could be stacked along with the BOGO.
    I don’t feel confident in telling the store coupons from the manufacture coupons on J4U

  • mona fields

    The insert coupon didn’t beep for me. According to the way I determine if the J4U is a man coupon or not, it isn’t, so I tried it, and it works. (If there is an underlined (link) saying “see details”, it will beep if you add a paper coupon.)

    • gdog

      im glad it didnt beep!

      i may be back! 2 measuring cups for 41.98-$1/1 7.28 coupon- $0.50 double=$0.98 for 2, or $0.49 each!

      ill go test it also, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mona fields

    You are welcome SB. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mona fields

    Hey, I’d like if you would put a Contact Me link on here, so I don’t have to go to SD to send you a msg. I often find deals, and it’s like a twenty step issue to contact you to let you know what it is. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you know… I’m on SD as Jeepgal… also long time on HCW. You know… Just sayin’

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