CHEAP/FREE Condiments with $3/$5 in-ad Coupon @ Fred Meyer

Need to stock up on condiments?  Well TODAY and TOMORROW only is a great time to do it!  Fred Meyer has a special 3 days ad sale,Yesterday, Today and tomorrow.  In the Special ad that you can get at the store is a Save $3 WYB $5 of ANY condiments(exclude natural or Deli items).  So Ketchup, mustard, hot sauces, relish, etc.  We can use Manufacturer Coupons WITH this store coupon!

So Here are a few ideas, obviously I cannot list them all!


Here are some ideas.  Of course you can mix and match and do whatever to hit that $5 mark.

Heinz Ketchup(38oz-big bottles) are $2.18 each
Buy 2=($4.36) and buy a Fred Meyer Ketchup for $0.89(to get us past the $5 mark) =$5.25
-$3 Fred Meyer condiment  in-ad coupon
-$0.50 Use 2 x $0.25 Heinz Ketchup Coupons 8/25 RP
Final Price= $1.75 for 2 big bottles of Heinz Ketchup and a smaller bottle of FM kind

French’s Brown Mustard are $1.25 each!
Buy 4 =$5
– $1 2 x $0.50 French Brown Mustard Printable (coupon limit)
-$3 Fred Meyer condiment  in-ad coupon
Final Price= $1 for 4 bottles($0.25 EACH)

The Vlasic Relish are $1.99 each
Buy 3 = $5.97
-$3 Fred Meyer condiment  in-ad coupon
-$3 Use 3 x $1/1 Vlasic Product Printable Coupon (if you have never printed it before)
Final Price= 3 bottles FREE

Franks Hot Sauce is $1.99 ea
Buy 3=$5.97
-$3 Fred Meyer condiment  in-ad coupon
-$0.90 Use 3 x $0.30/1 Franks Hot Sauce Printable Coupon (you need to register)
Final Price=$2.07 for 3($0.69 each)

Buy 1 Frenchs Dijon Mustard =$3.28
Buy 1 French Brown Mustard =$1.25
Buy 1 Fred Meyer Reg Mustard =$0.79
-$3 Fred Meyer condiment  in-ad coupon
-$1 French Dijon Mustard Printable Coupon
$0.50 French Brown Mustard Printable Coupon
Final Price=$0.82 for all!

Mt Olive Pickles chips $2.49 each
Buy 2=$4.98(which means we need to buy something else to go over $5)
Buy 1 Fred Meyer yellow mustard=$0.79
-$3 Fred Meyer condiment  in-ad coupon
-$2 2 x Mt Olive Pickle Item coupon 8/25 SS
Final Price=$0.77 for these 3 items!


There is probably even coupons I missed, so feel free to post a scenario you come up with!  For me personally I will be buying 2 big ole bottles of Heinz Ketchup that will probably last me the rest of the year, and for that price, why not! 🙂  Most stores will allow you do to multiple transactions using this coupon. 🙂

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