Complete 92nd Anniversary Sale Items List @ Fred Meyer

So!  After a bit of Scooby Doo’ing this morning, I think I have tracked down the Complete list of $0.92 cent items that will be coming this week.  Fred Meyer is extraordinarily secretive about things like this, as most of the departments don’t even know for sure many(or any) of the details.  But a rumor here, and “a think its..” from another store, to a confirmation at another store, I think this list should be pretty accurate!  I Have 100% the whole week now!  A Friendly Store Manager let me see his official list for the week! 🙂

Looks like we have some good items coming!  I will be posting the Daily Deal each day, when the proper link to add these items to your card, per day!!!




2014-09-15 09.12.42

Fred Meyer Butter



2014-09-15 08.59.27

$0.92 Fred Meyer Artisan Bread!!  Looking forward to this one!  Most of the Varieties!!!



2014-09-15 09.53.30

$0.92 6oz Raspberries!  This is a Super great Price!



2014-09-15 09.07.31

$0.92 Dreyers Ice Cream!!  This was also last years $0.91 Final day item!


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