Crazy Cheap Frozen Honeysuckle Premium Turkey @ Albertsons [ADVANCED]

Ok, so this deal is not for everyone,  as i’ll categorize it as advanced.  I got ALOT of beggin strips and a 18lb Honeysuckle Premium Whole Frozen Turkey for $2.44!


So Her is the Portland, Oregon area, through 11/22, you can get a frozen Honeysuckle turkey for $0.39/lb WYB $50 worth of stuff in a single transaction.  Of course thats just the way they do it today.

Also when you purchase $50 in items at albertsons, you get a %5 off your entire transaction coupon on your receipt for any future purchase until 12/4/12.

Also there is a great new email printable coupon for $4 off $25 transaction.

And then we have the wonderful Beggin strips deal i just posted.

So this is the deal,

18lb Honeysuckle turkey =$7.07(after the discount came off for buying $50)
26 bags of Purina Beggin strips =$51.87  (this triggered the $50)
Use the $4 email store coupon found HERE
Use 13xB1G1 Beggin Strips coupons from 10/14 (-$48.75)

=$2.44 for everything!  and i got the %5 coupon for my next purchase.

So i happened to have that many of those coupons.  But you could easily get them off ebay if you wanted to take a stab at this deal.  You may or may not find a store with this many beggin strips in 4 or so days, but if you are willing to take the risk, i would go for it!  My store still had 50+ left!  Buy a few turkeys at this price!



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