Fantastic Deal on Boneless Turkey Breast @ Albertsons [BEGINNER]

This deal requires no coupons.  Unlimited Boneless Turkey Breast for $1.66/lb

Starting this week, Albertsons has a new promo where you buy 4 participating Nestle Products and get a Butterball turkey(Fresh, Frozen or breast) and you get a $10 OYNP Catalina back.

Here is the basic promo details:


The Butter ball 3lb Boneless Turkey Breasts are $10.99 this week

The Nestle Carnation evaporated milk is $1 each.

So we..
Buy one Boneless Turkey Breast =$10.99
Buy 4 Evaporated Milks =$4
=$14.99 PAY
Get a $10 OYNP Catalina Back.

So our NET OOP is $4.99 for 3lbs of Boneless Turkey Breast and 4 cans of Evaporated Milk. Even if you didn’t count the cost of the milk, that works out to $1.66/lb for boneless turkey breast, which is a really FANTASTIC price.  If we do count the Milk, that means we paid $4 for the Milks and $0.99 for the boneless turkey breast!!!

The best part of this deal, is that it rolls!  SO we repeat the above transaction, this time USING our previous $10 Catalina, so we pay $4.99 OOP, and we get another $10 CAT.  Repeat this as often times as you want! There is a $50/2 coupon in the 9/30 RP to make this deal even better!  There is doubles coming this weekend, to make it even better.

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