Fantastic Deal on Bottled Water @ OfficeDepot [BEGINNER]

I learned something new yesterday.  Every store that sells anything that gets a bottle/can deposit(CRV?) MUST also accept the empties.  its state law.  apparently there was a guy that brought back 400 empty water bottles to officedepot, and the manager was like WHAT?? …..but after a few phone calls, they had to make it work.

I tell you this story, because for some reason Office Depot does NOT charge CRV.  its very odd.  at least the 5 or so stores in the portland area have not, and when the register rings up the 20/24 packs, CRV is NOT added on.  So ultimately thats good news for US!

Throught Sept 25th, you can use this $10 off $25 Coupon HERE.

The 20pk arrowhead bottled water is on sale starting today for $2.99 each.

Buy 9! =$26.91
use the $10/$25 Coupon

So at this point that makes each 20pk $1.88each(final price). which of course is a great price really.
BUt remember we can take these bottles back to anywhere for the deposit. Thats a total of 180bottles x$0.05=$9 back.

So depending how you rate a good deal on bottles water(before or after deposit) this is a great deal.
$7.91 total ($0.88/pk after deposit-$0.04 a bottle)
$16.91 total ($1.88/pk before deposit-$0.09 a bottle)

This deal has yet to hit the blogosphere, so you still have a day or so before there all gone. 🙂

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