Fantastic Price on Quaker Oatmeals @ Albertsons [ADVANCED]

This deal is branded advanced because the best deal requires at least 5 of the same coupon.  the big Quaker containers come to $0.30ea!

There is a new Catalina on Quaker products

Purchase any Quaker Oatmeal Products between 1/21-2/18 receive up to $3 on your next purchase:
buy 3, receive $1 OYNO
buy 4, receive $2 OYNO
buy 5, receive $3 OYNO

This week(thru tuesday) at Albertsons the Oatmeal regular, quick, and instants are $2.50each.  when you buy 4 you get a $3 instant discount.  so matching this promo with the Catalina promo, it makes for a nice deal.  In the 1/2 RP is a $1/1 any Quaker product.  this is the coupon that makes this deal great.

So buy 5 oatmeals =$12.50  (need to buy 5 to get full catalina value)
You get a instant $3 for buying at least 4 =$9.50
Use 5 x $1/1   1/2RP coupons(or as many as you have) =$4.50
Get back a $3 OYNP Cat.
NET is $1.50 for 5 big containers(or boxes of instant) or $0.30 each.  one of the cheapest price you can get for this oatmeal.

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