FREE 12pk Soda Catalinas =CHEAP @ Albertsons [BEGINNER]

There Is a new catalina starting in next weeks ad, that was turned on early! This CHEAP deal works tonight and tomorrow only with the doubles. There might be other deals coming, but for the moment this is the best one!

Buy 3 chex mixes or Bugles and get a Catalina for a FREE 12pk of soda($3 max value)

The chex mixes are $1.50ea this week, or they are $10 wyb 10($1ea)

On OR you can print out a $1/2 for chex AND a $1/2 for bugles. 2 each per computer.

So if you had 1 computer you end up with 4 total coupons. If you had 2 computers you end up with 8 total coupons.

So buy 10! =$10
-$5 Use 5 of the above IP coupons
-$3 Use 3 doubles
=$2 PAY

Since you get a FREE 12pk Soda coupon for every 3 you buy you get 3 CATALINAS!!! 3x12packs!!

So for 2 bucks, its not a bad deal. 10 bags of chex mix/bugles and 3x12packs of soda.
Remember the doubles end tomorrow!

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