FREE 6-month trial of the Blockbuster Total Access 1-disc plan [BEGINNER]

Wow!  This is a great Deal!  Blockbuster is still around? 🙂  This is free, and for 6 months so why not?(who cares if its 1 disc at a time)

I love the blockbuster plans for UNLIMITED in-store exchanges.  I make sure i always have on tap some cheesy no name movie that will IMMEDIATELY ship to me.  Once i get it, i take it in to the store, and get the newest movies that come out.  i watch, return, make sure to again have another cheesy movie in my queue, and repeat the process.

The plan includes many new releases available up to 28 days before Netflix and Redbox; in-store exchanges; plus Blu-ray and game rentals!

There is a few steps, but they are easy and you should be up and going within 5 minutes!
The steps:

1. Sign up for Dell Advantage 🙂 This is a dell promo, and they offer accounts free!!!.  Make up your own Advantage key)

2. Verify your account (check your email and click the link).

3. Go to the partner offerings link here

4. Sign up at Blockbuster here

New accounts only (which means new email account)
must link a form of payment(this is just in case you keep a movie or damage one.  they WILL not charge anything for this account.  really)
Cancel prior to end of 6 months or you will auto-renew(worse case, if you forget, its $9.99 for 1 month)

Once confirmed you will see:
BLOCKBUSTER Total Access Premium
1 at-a-time, Unlimited mailings
Unlimited In-Store Movie Exchanges
Plan Price (after trial period):$9.99 / month (plus taxes)
Next Billing Date:January 14,2013

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