FREE 7UP & $0.13 Canada Dry 2liters @ Safeway

Here a nice stock up soda deal for Safeway this week.  With a current promo and coupons, we can get the 7UP and Canada Dry Ginger Ale for SUPER Cheap/FREE! 🙂 That’s a good price. 🙂

Deal Details

7up2a 7up11

So we need to buy 4 of these 2liters to get the $0.88 price on each of them.  We can buy 2 7UP and 2 Canada Dry, or 3 of one and 1 of the other…or…hopefully you get the picture.  You can mix & match across brands. 🙂  It will depend on what combination you can print however many coupons out.

Buy 2 7UP 2liters, $0.88 (=$1.76 total)
Buy 2 Canada Dry Ginger Ale, $0.88 (=$1.76 total)
-$1 Use a $1.00 off ONE Canada Dry 6pk or 12pk or (2) 2liters
-$1.10 Use 2 x $0.55/1 2-liter bottle of any flavor* 7UP drink
-$1.16 Use a double coupon(we can only double up to $0.33 if we use the 7UP coupon=NO Overage)
Final Price=$0.26 for the above 4 2liters after coupon and double

Again, if you could print out 4x7UP coupons, you would get them all for FREE after Double.  I prefer the Ginger Ale, so $0.13 is a great price for me.  I bought the 4 below for testing purposes! 🙂

FREE 7UP & $0.13 Canada Dry 2liters @ Safeway

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