FREE Amy’s Burritos + Entrees @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

{UPDATE #2} it appears Safeway has decided not to accept the Amys Coupon anymore. Which I don’t blame them. Its really unfortunate when a company puts out a coupon, then changes the coupon terms, in this case 3 times(Bad Amy’s), because odds are Safeway will have to fight to get reimbursed. Hopefully Safeway will and try to remind them of the fact that “many” were allowed up until Saturday. {UPDATE}

{UPDATE} This deal will not work if you are just doing the deal for the first time today. A few days ago, Amy’s changed their coupon to state “One Per Customer” To follow this rule, you wont be able to use more than one. If you printed this coupon last week, you dont have that same restriction. {UPDATE}

You probably noticed in the weekly summary yesterday that the Amy’s Frozen Organic Products have a wonderful 30% coupon.  Well I don’t know what i was thinking, but i forgot to mention that it would make the Burritos FREE!  Currently, today, the 2 30% discount work together, which makes the enteee’s free, but regardless the burritos will be FREE all week with JUST the paper coupon.

Deal Details

  • The Amys Burrito are $2 on sale
  • There is a in-ad(page5) 30% off Amy’s Entree’s
  • There is also a J4U 30% coupon that as of today is working ALSO!
  • There is that wonderful $1.50/1 Amy’s coupon HERE

If you go to and click the Just 4 U icon, it will take you to a screen where you then click on “Coupon Center”. –> or go HERE  You will need to login using your Login information!

You then on the right hand side click “Frozen Food”.  Click “Add” to this one. It will look like this once added!


So i bought 3 Amys Burritos & 2 entrees =$13.98
-$4.20  Use the 30% in ad coupon
-$4.20  Use the 30% in ad coupon
-$7.50  Use 5x $1.50 Amys Coupons HERE
Final Price = FREE (you can’t make use of the overage at Safeway, but FREE is FREE!)



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11 comments to FREE Amy’s Burritos + Entrees @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

  • Cookie

    How are you getting that coupon to print right? First it came out so big it looked like it wouldn’t fit on the page, the end of the exp date was cut off. So I tried reducing the size but it still says May 31, 201 and looks like it was cut off or a bad copy. Not sure the store will take it.

  • Cookie

    Ok, reducing and changing to landscape looks better but still looks like a copy :S

  • lisa

    This is my experience with the DD Kashi 30% for possible glitches on the 30% Amy’s. I wasn’t able to get the DD at the sco. The DD was one time per card. When I tried to do b2b transactions, the loaded 30% wouldn’t come off the second time. Was anyone able to get the DD more than once on the same card? TIA

    • gdog

      the J4U coupon is a one time use. if your family had multiple cards you could do it back to back, with a different Safeway card. But since its “unlimited” per transaction, its really your/the stores comfort level regarding how many coupons they will take.

      but again regardless of whether or not the DD works, even with the 30% ad coupon, the burritos are Free.

  • NT

    Can you post the math breakdown of how the burritos are free with just the in ad coupon?

    how many do I have to get? 4? What’s the maximum?

    • gdog

      yes. the coupon has a $10 min. So the burritos are $2 each on sale. so that is 5 burritos to hit the $10 mark.
      30% of $2 is $1.40 total. since the coupon is $1.50 off, the coupon is more than the price of the item, Safeway does not allow you to you the overage, so they will adjust the coupon down. =FREE 🙂

  • NT


    you need the IP…

    my mind was struggling with how to do it with JUST the in ad coupon

  • lisa

    Someone mentioned the Amy’ mushroom risotto didn’t get the 30% and the $3.99 lasagna didn’t work for me. Good thing I only bought one.

  • lisa

    Sorry, to clarify since all the entrees are $3.99 this week. The lasagna has a regular price of $3.99.

  • lisa

    Shoot, just read your update about SW memo. Is it the entire NW or just OR?

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