FREE Brawny Paper Towels @ Fred Meyer/QFC

Hey!  Here is a nice and easy deal to get FREE Brawny Paper Towels through 1/18/14!

Deal Details

  • The Brawny paper Towels are $1 each through NEXT Saturday 1/18/14!
  • There is a $2/2 Brawny Paper towel Coupon in the 12/15 RP


FREE Brawny Paper Towels @ Fred Meyer/QFC

So we just need to buy in sets of 2 for as many coupons as you have!  You can use a max of 4 per transaction, which is what I did!

Brawny paper towels, $1 each (Buy 2=$2)
-$2 Use a $2/2 Brawny Paper Towel Coupon 12/15 RP
Final Price=FREE after coupon

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5 comments to FREE Brawny Paper Towels @ Fred Meyer/QFC

  • Mea

    So, will they be on sale through 1/18 or is that talking about the coupon expiry date?
    Also, I was just in the store yesterday, and they did not have the yellow sale tag….they were marked $1.98. Are they on sale even if they are not marked as such?
    Bummer, hate that I was just there yesterday and could have beat the rush had I possibly known….. 🙁

    • gdog

      thank you for the comment. actually the coupon expires on the 15th. so that would be the last day. they should have been marked since sunday, so perhaps they did not put tags up.

  • margaret in seattle

    both QFC & Fred meyer are kroger, but sale cycle starts on sunday at FM, wednesday at QFC. so if you went yesterday, they are NOT on sale YET at qfc. i just got mine at QFC this morning. they are not labeled yet since it was early this morning.

  • Why only four? I went today in Longview, and got 26 of those paper towels with no beepage, and no issues. I did profile my cashier… younger man… but not a word was said.

    • gdog

      because my memory was faulty. it should have been five! 🙂

      From Official policy:

      When buying multiples of an item, no more than 5 manufacturer’s coupons for that product will be accepted in the same transaction, and only 1 manufacturer’s coupon can be applied to each item.

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