FREE Breathe Right Strips + Overage @ Albertsons [BEGINNER]

A few weeks ago, Albertson’s made it official policy to ALLOW overage on coupons.  So if you have an item for $0.50, and you have a coupon for $1, before they would adjust the coupon down to $0.50, and the item would be free.  NOW, if you have an item for $0.50, and you have a $1 coupon, they give you the FULL value of the coupon, in this case you would have $0.50 to apply to some other item in your shopping basket(and of course get your item for FREE).  They will not give you actual cash back.

So the Deal….

In last Sundays Paper(1/29RP) there is a $1.50/1 ANY breathe right strip(12ct or less).  Albertson’s now sells a 2ct package for $.99.  🙂   So buy one, and you have a $0.51 OVERAGE to apply to some other item.  I purchased 10 today, used 10 coupons, and i had $5.10 in overage to apply towards some meat and veggies. 🙂

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