FREE Brown Cow Yogurt @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

This is a EASY deal to do.  And it for FREE Brown Cow, which is very good yogurt!

They are $0.69each until 11/29/11.  There is a Great Manufacturer Coupon and a Good Whole Foods Coupon that we can use together to make these FREE.

The Whole Foods Coupon is no longer available on their website, but you can get it HERE

The Manufacturer Coupon is available HERE.  But i made a version that Prints 3 to a Page HERE(saves paper)

So since you have a $1/5 coupon, you need to buy these in sets of 5.

So buy 5 =$3.45 —   Use 5 $0.55 MQ coupons, Use 1  $1/5 Whole foods Coupon = 5 FREE

So buy 10 =$6.90 —  Use 10 $0.55 MQ coupons, Use 2  $1/5 Whole foods Coupon = 10 FREE

So buy 15 =$10.35 —  Use 15 $0.55 MQ coupons, Use 3  $1/5 Whole foods Coupon = 15 FREE

etc…you get the idea.

You can SAFELY buy 15 at a time without a problem.

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