FREE Cherry Fruit Vines Bites @ RiteAid

What! A Riteaid deal? Yep!  For those who know me well, you once remember the days of bazillion RiteAid Deals.  Obviously between the newer coupon policy from a few years ago and a horrible District Manager in Portland, I don’t shop there often, but every now and then when there is a EASY deal, I am still a sucker for a good deal. 🙂

Deal Details

FREE Cherry Fruit Vines Bites @ RiteAid

So this deal basically requires you to print out both coupons, go to the store, buy 2, use coupons and they are FREE. These taste like fancy Nibs.  But the price it right. 🙂

Buy 2 Cherry Fruit Vine Bites, $2
-$1 Use a $1/2 Cherry Fruit Vines Coupon
-$1 Use a $1/2 Cherry Fruit Vines RiteAid adperk coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupons


Thanks to Queenbeecoupons for the deal idea!

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3 comments to FREE Cherry Fruit Vines Bites @ RiteAid

  • Darla

    I’d personally revisit the idea of not shopping at Rite Aid. In my opinion, this is the primary store where deals are still easily to be had. Of course, I DO appreciate that you don’t advertise the deals here, lol, it makes competition so much less! Have you bothered to look at the Black Friday ad from Rite Aid?

  • Gdog

    For a year plus Riteaid had no deals, lately they have started up again. Shopping at Walgreens with points, points don’t expire. I still have points (ie Walgreens money) from 2 years ago. I am not forced to HAVE to keep going in for a deal. But I am revisiting Riteaid a bit more for the holiday season. 🙂

  • Darla

    Ah, my opinion differs!!!! Plus their silly software errors are wonderful. Were you involved at RA during the time when the UP rewards loaded to your card never went away? You could spend them and spend them over and over and over. Free everything for almost a month. (I called CS and told them about it five times and they just dutifully recorded it without fixing the problem. This September they had a triple wellness coupon out so you received triple points for everything you purchased (supposedly). What really happened nobody could quite figure out – but it was more like five or six times wellness points for all purchased. (I got four cards to gold in that month – one took me all of a week. Pretty nice!)

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