FREE Cracker Barrel Cheese WYB Ritz($1ea) @ Safeway

Here is a fun deal.  Its a new deal.  Which I do not have full details yet.  BUT it works great in our area!  The deal is to Buy 2 Ritz Crackers and get a 6oz Cracker Barrel Cheese for FREE!  It just comes off instantly.  And that!… all the details that are available. But $2 for TWO boxes of Ritz AND an extra sharp Cracker Barrel Cheese is a NICE deal!

Deal Details

  • The Ritz crackers are $2 on sale through 12/2/14
  • There is the NEW Cracker Barrel Cheese Promo.  Buy 2 get the Cheese FREE!
  • There is a $0.50/1 Nabisco Product Coupon
  • We can double that coupon (At most stores)
    • There is also a NON-doublable $0.75/2 Nabisco Coupon in 11/9 SS


IMG_4531 IMG_4532


So I brought 2 coupons with me and brought up 2 Ritz and a Extra sharp Cheese.  The cashier rang up all 3 items, and the Cheese just came off instantly!  For testing purposes, I tried the transaction again on the same Safeway club card and it did not work again.  This promo must be 1 per Card. The details we do not know is when the promo ends(although we probably have at least a week)!

Buy 2 Ritz Crackers, $2 and 6oz Cracker Barrel Cheese, $3.49 (=$7.49 total)
-$3.49 The Cheese instantly comes off
-$1 Use 2 x $0.50/1 Nabisco Product Coupons
-$1 Use a double coupon
Final Price=$2 after coupons and promo


FREE Cracker Barrel Cheese WYB Ritz($1ea) @ Safeway

Thanks to thecentsableshoppin for the deal heads up!

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