FREE Cucumbers(as low as) @ Safeway

Free Vegetables? Yep!  This deal should be available to everyone by loading J4U ecoupons to your Safeway Card, Thats it!!  One of the J4U coupons that makes this deal should be available to most.  if you don’t have it, then they will be $0.50 each.  Hopefully most should have it!

Deal Details

2014-07-29 13.21.19

So all we need to do is add the J4U offers to our Safeway Cards.  First goto the Coupon Center Login page.  You will want to goto the Coupon Center and filter by Fruits and Vegetables, and load the $0.50/1 Coupon(see below).  Then you want to click on the Personalized Prices towards the top, and load the $0.49ea pricing J4U Coupon to your card(see below).  Then once you have added both of these coupons you are ready to go!!

        Coupon Center J4U Coupon             Personalized Price J4U Coupon

Cucumbers2 Cucumbers1

The $0.50/1 Cucumber J4U coupon says “One Time”, and what that means is that its only available for one transaction.  We can buy as many as we want in that transaction and get the $0.50 discount off on each.  The $0.49ea Personalized Pricing says Unlimited which means we can get that price across as many as we want.

Buy as many Cucumbers as you want, $1 ea
-$0.51 The price for one will adjust to $0.49
-$0.50 The $0.50/1 J4U coupon will come off(and auto adjust to $0.49, so NO overage)
Final Price=FREE after J4U coupons!

I bought ten just to really test this deal out, and it worked perfectly.  $0.00 total!

2014-07-29 13.39.29
Thanks to Psychowife for the heads up and idea!

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10 comments to FREE Cucumbers(as low as) @ Safeway

  • Angela

    The personalized price of .49 is not on my account. 🙁

  • kelsey

    Yes, I did not get the personalized price either.

  • gdog

    BUMMER, im very sorry! I have (at least) 8 cards i loaded this one, across all sorts of frequency of shopping, and the $0.49PP was on every one of the 8 cards. That, along with other reports is why I posted the way I did. I will mention this above! thanks(and sorry!)

  • Jenna

    I want to know how you got 8 cards…I tried having just 2 and it was a colossal disaster!

    • gdog

      this is collecting over 15ish years. 🙂 I just pick up a new one up from time to time. Especially if Im in a new location. I use my cards by the actual card number, i dont keep track of them by phone number. The only actual info you need when you fill out a new app is a valid email. My names are “Loyal Customer” in many cases.

      • gdog

        Most safeway stores will tell you, you can only have one. Technically there is nothing in writing stating this. I can understand why they wouldnt want you to have 10 every family, because they would have to deal with the confusion of why something didnt come off properly and customers confusing accounts..etc. But if you can…and have good reason to do it, why not? 🙂

  • I don't shop @Walmart

    Got the price, good thru 08/12/14. Coupon for .50 off is good thru 08/03/14. No reason to run to the store today when everyone is there!

  • Mona

    I didn’t get it on any of my four cards either. Another thing to remember about multiple accts is you don’t need a VALID email address. I made up two and they work… just can’t be ones that someone else has. They do NOT ask you to verify via email.

  • maja

    didn’t get price but got 0.99 for organic cucumber. Not so bad after 0.50 off.

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