FREE Digital Copy of Wreck-It Ralph @ DisneyMoviesAnywhere

FREE Digital Copy of Wreck-It Ralph @ DisneyMoviesAnywhere

So Disney Movies Anywhere has been around awhile, but they have a new feature/agreement with Google Play.  So all you need to do is to log in to your Disney Movie account, “connect” that account to your Google Play Account, and just that easily=FREE Movie(Wreck-It Ralph).  If you have never connected your iTunes account to Disney Movies, you can also get this movie FREE through there.

I just went to, (kept on hitting “Click for more”), logged into my Disney account, and it auto prompted me to connect it to my Google play account.  You could of course follow these basic steps through an app on android or iOS.  You can then download to device and play “Anywhere.” 🙂  Also once you get the movie you can always disconnect your DisneyMoviesAnywhere account from Google and keep the movie. 🙂

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