FREE Epic Movie DVD @ Target

Yep FREE! Yep, at the moment anyone can do it! And its a HOT movie right now, the shelf price at Target was $17.99 on sale!

Deal Details

So first lets print off a screen shot of the page.  Then print off a $5/1 Epic DVD Coupon.  We are ready to go!

Just because Target can be moody when you price match things, i started my stopwatch when i first stepped into the door, just to see how painful this would be.  I went to the electronic section, found the Epic DVD fairliy easilsy.  I then brought it to the Customer Service Desk.  I showed her the print out, which she said she needs to look herself.  She typed on the computer the Exact UPC number at to make sure its the EXACT thing.  guess what, it was!  It showed $7.48, she price matched it, I gave her my coupon, and the total was $2.48!  It took 5 minutes and 54 seconds. Not bad!  Ill send in the rebate now to make this movie FREE!

Thanks to Have Fun Saving for the idea!

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