FREE Folgers Instant Coffee Packets @ Safeway

Yes I know this may be a silly little deal but really its not a bad deal. 🙂  Back in the 80’s there was the worldwide phenomenon of instant coffee.  So much so that instant coffee got a really bad name.  BUT with Starbucks coming out a few years ago with their new instant product, the idea of instant coffee is not so bad of thing anymore.  So Folgers came out again/never really left with these little instant packets.  These are closer to the older style types of instant coffee. And they are cheap. So cheap they are FREE for a couple weeks!

Deal Details

  • The Folgers Instant Coffee Packets are on sale for $0.89 through 11/11/14
  • There is a NEW $0.50/1 Folgers Coffee Product(NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS)
  • We can double that coupon (At most stores)

FREE Folgers Instant Coffee Packets @ Safeway

So we can print the coupon out and bring it the next time we are at Safeway.  Notice the regular price is $0.99 so even after the Sale is over, these will still be FREE with this coupon and double.  Its just a really good coupon, and although they probably had in mind using the coupon on larger containers, its 100% legit to use it on this product and the coupon is beepless!

Buy a Folgers Instant Coffee Packets, $0.89
-$0.50 Use a $0.50/1 Folgers Coffee Product(NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS)
-$0.39 Use double coupon
Final Price= FREE after coupons

So what do I use these for?  I use them for baking.  Whenever a recipe needs a “mocha’ flavor, it generally wants 1/2 cup of espresso, so I just use 1 or 2 of them in a 1/2 cup of hot water and it gives me that concentrated coffee flavor.

2014-11-02 12.44.20
Thanks to thecentsableshoppin for the tip!

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