FREE Greek Yogurt(Winco brand) @ Winco

Here is a random little Freebie. It appears that Winco has added a variety to their yogurt line, Greek Style. So to let me know, they are giving one away via a “FREE Store coupon”.

FREE Greek Yogurt(Winco brand) @ Winco

As long as you are on a zipcode that on the west coast, the link below will directly take you to the coupon.  If you need to change zip code, Click here and change to your personal zip code(west coast only)

FREE 5.3oz. cup of NEW WinCo Foods Greek Yogurt

The Coupon states one per family.  And this is a Store coupon, not a manufacturer coupon. The coupon states one per family, yet you can print 2 per computer.  I asked if I could scan 2, and she says if it scans, she didn’t care.  Both scanned perfectly, but that might be a little YMMV.


Thanks to Southerncalisaver for the heads up!

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