FREE Herdez Cooking Sauces – LOAD TODAY @ Fred Meyer/QFC

Its Freebie time again! Of course if you are following the Facebook page you knew(On Monday!!) that we were rumored to get this Freebie today! 🙂 We NEED to load it to our club card today(11/21/14), but have until 12/7/14 to actually redeem it.

So first go here, to the Fred Meyer Digital Coupon Home and sign in. Notice on this webpage you will see the FREE Herdez Mexican Cooking Sauces e-coupon. Click the “Load to Card”. Voila! You are good to go! The coupon should come off at QFC or Fred Meyers!! Very easy!


This coupon only lets you Get one Free PER Card, but of course if your family had 2 cards……. 😉 Remember you need to add it TODAY to get this deal!

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2 comments to FREE Herdez Cooking Sauces – LOAD TODAY @ Fred Meyer/QFC

  • Cate

    Did anyone find this in the store? I looked by the salsas and also by the cooking sauces down the condiment row, by the BBQ sauces and couldn’t find anything.

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