FREE or Better than Free refreshe Ice drink @ Safeway

Here is a Quick and easy Freebie to do at Safeway This week!  We can get a FREE refreshe ice Drink via the J4U center at  Then if you do ibotta, there is another $0.25 you can earn when you get one(ie. FREE + $0.25).

Deal Details

  • The refreshe ice are $0.79 this week.
  • This morning we got a new J4U Loadable coupon for (1) ONE FREE refreshe ice
  • We can also get a $0.25 rebate through ibotta!


First lets load the J4U coupon to our card.  First go to the Coupon Center and log in. Then on the left hand side filter by beverages, and click “add” on the following J4U coupon,


Once we load it we are good to go!  it will come off as FREE at the register!  If you have ibotta, you might as well get the FREE $0.25, and if you have not started using ibotta, its a easy purchase to get started!!! (You can see the rebate below)

photo (top right one)

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3 comments to FREE or Better than Free refreshe Ice drink @ Safeway

  • Tanya

    There is also a free coupon on safeway’s facebook fill out the form and they will mail you a coupon. So 2 free and .25 from Ibotta. When I filled out for the coupon on their FB page it said it will only be a week or 2 before receiving the coupon in the mail.

  • Mona

    All of my cards also have a .10 J4U coupon for this… it was a .10 MM on my transactions. I don’t do Ibotta yet.

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