FREE OVERAGE on McCormick Spices @ Walmart [ADVANCED]

Overage? Legit overage? Yep!

So anyone who shops at Walmart gets the FULL value of any coupon used. So if you had a $4 coupon and the item was $2.50, Walmart allows you to use the $1.50 “overage” on other items in your cart.

In the 10/7 RP has a “ANY” $1.75/2 McCormick Spices Coupon.

The McCormick taco seasonings are $0.58each
Buy 2 = $1.16
use the $1.75/2 coupon =$0.59 overage!
This coupon beeps like nobodys business, but it is allowed, so if you play it cool, hold your ground, you will have no problems.

I used 25 in one transaction(bought alot of seasoning), got $14.75 in overage i used to purchase meat and veggies!

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