FREE Ragu Pasta Sauce @ Safeway (Starting 8/10/16)

There are some nice deals in the Buy 4 Save $4 Anniversary deal at Safeway.  This promotion is also going on next week, with an overall different set of items!  A while back we had this $1/1 Ragu coupon, both printable and in the newspaper.  Although the others have all expired, last night I found a printable still available through the Winco printable coupon page!  Who knows how long it will remain there, so print all you can now, and wait until this Wednesday to get FREE Ragu Pasta Sauce!

Deal Details

  • The Ragu Pasta Sauces are $1.49 When You Buy 4+ jars starting 8/10/16
    • You do not have to buy 4 Ragu Pasta Sauces, but you will need to buy 4 participating products on the Buy 4 Save $4 promotion.
  • There is a $1/1 Ragu Pasta Sauce coupon
    • I have made this a direct coupon.  So if you do not see it when you click on that link, the coupon is already gone or not available in your area/region!
  • We can double that coupon(at most stores)

FREE Ragu Pasta Sauce @ Safeway (Starting 8/10/16)

Again, an easy deal to do!  I’m not saying that Ragu is the Best pasta sauce in the world, but that new Thick and hearty variety is VERY workable, and the price is right!

Buy a Ragu Pasta Sauce, $1.49(along with 3 other items)
-$1 Use a $1/1 Ragu Pasta Sauce coupon
-$0.49 Use a double coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupon and double


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4 comments to FREE Ragu Pasta Sauce @ Safeway (Starting 8/10/16)

  • debra

    link goes to winco and not any safeway or coupon site..

    • gdog

      correct. but it is a coupon. its just a link to wincos portal. I know its a regional coupon, so if it did not auto select for you, its possible its not available in your region. 🙁

  • Darla Sjoquist

    Just ready to use the coupon. It says Save $1 on any Ragu at Winco. This isn’t a q that can be used elsewhere. ?

    • gdog

      to my knowledge, there has yet to be any Specific direction on considering that verbiage any different than redeemable at, verses redeemable ONLY at ….

      in the past winco has used the ONLY valid at….so whats the difference?

      I hate this wording… hehe

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