FREE Ziploc Containers @ Safeway

Another Great deal today at Safeway!  These items are cheap a few times a year, but they are Rarely FREE!  We can get these Containers very easy for FREE!  We only have 2 days to do THIS deal. 🙂

Deal Details

  • There is a $1.99 Ziploc Storage bags or Containers IN-AD Coupon through 3/24/15(Just add this to your card, and do not use the in-ad coupon, see pictures below)
  • There is a NEW $1/1 Ziploc Storage bags or Containers J4U STORE Coupon
  • There is a $1.50 off any TWO Ziploc brand containers Coupon
  • We can double that coupon(at most stores)


Here are the 2 J4U loadable items you need to load to your card,


So we need to load the above 2 J4U digital coupons to your club card, Log in to the Safeway Coupon Center.  Then you can just print the coupons out.  You are limited to 2 items per card.  If you have more than 1 Safeway Card, you can do this deal as many times.  Also if you notice the above J4U coupons, we can also get Ziploc storage bags with these J4U coupons.  We have no matching storage bags coupons, but just by using the above J4U’s, the Storage Bags come to $0.99each.  Also, if you area does not allow you to double internet printable coupons, the Ziploc Containers come to $0.48 for 2(or $0.24ea).

Buy 2 Ziploc Containers, $2.99 (=$5.98 total)
-$2 The $1.99each J4U loadable coupon will automatically come off twice($1 will come for each item)
-$2 The $1 J4U will automatically come off twice for each item
-$1.50 Use a $1.50 off any TWO Ziploc brand containers Coupon
-$0.48 Use a double coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupons

I used 2 cards, and did this deal twice. 🙂

FREE Ziploc Containers @ Safeway

Thanks angie744 for the deal idea!

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2 comments to FREE Ziploc Containers @ Safeway

  • Pat

    MY coupon in the paper says it cannot be combined with digital coupon.

    • gdog

      thats a good observation. I updated some wording above. Just load the $1.99 “coupon” to your card, as i suggest above, and do not use the in-ad coupon. By adding it to your card, you forgo having to use the IN-AD coupon. The J4U loadable coupon does not have the same restrictions. There idea behind that “not combined” wording is so that you cant use a $1 off “X” product IN-AD Coupon AND a $1 off “X” product Digital Coupon, essentially trying to get $2 off “X” product. but they just add that wording to every in-ad coupon …just because. I hope all that made sense.:-)

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