FREE/Cheap Barilla Pasta Meals @ Safeway [ADVANCED]

Another good deal at Safeway.  Starting today you can get the Barilla Pasta meals(Reg or Whole Wheat Varieties) for super cheap!

Deal Details

  • They are part of a mix/match promo, Buy 6 save $3 instantly.  Over 300 items.
  • There price is $2each, or when you buy 6, it saves you $0.50each($3 over 6) =$1.49
  • There is a $1/1 Barilla Meals in the 2/2 SS
  • Here in Portland we can use double coupons!

So if we were just to buy 6 of these meals, the price will come to $0.98 for 6.  VERY Cheap.  But since there are over 300 items, you could buy 4 of these and 2 other items.  Those 4 would be FREE, and you would pay whatever the other 2 items cost.  But for the sake of what I did, i spent the $0.98.  Odds are there will be some other REALLY good combo to make all 6 items for FREE by weeks end!  Until then….

Buy 6 Barilla Meals =$12
-$3 Instant $3 off for buying 6
-$6 6 x $1/1 Barilla Meals Coupons 2/2SS
-$2 4 x double coupons
=$0.98 PAY  for 6 of these!!!

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