FREE/Cheap Lipton Tea Products @ Safeway

I LOVE Good Coupons.  Granted I like properly worded coupons too. 🙂  This morning we received 2 NEW Lipton Tea Product Coupon.  And they are VERY nice coupons.  Except they say “off any Lipton Tea Product”.  No size Restrictions!! So that means we can use these coupons on any Lipton Tea product.  Currently Safeway has a Few good sales on Lipton Tea Products and also next week, so Below is a Few good Lipton Tea Sales that we can use these new coupons with!

Deal Details

  • The Lipton Tea 1 gal teas are on sale for $2.50 through TODAY, 11/11/14
  • The Lipton Pure Leaf Tea singles(yes its a lipton product) are $1 through 11/27/14
  • The Lipton Brisk Tea Singles are $0.99 through 1/6/15
  • We have a NEW $3/2 Lipton Tea products Coupon
  • We have a NEW $1/1 Lipton Tea product Coupon
  • We can double those coupons(at most stores)

2014-11-11 08.48.46 FREE/Cheap Lipton Tea Products @ Safeway 2014-11-11 08.49.56

So here are what the 2 Coupons look like,

$3.00 off any TWO (2) Lipton Tea products$1.00 off any ONE (1) Lipton Tea product

You will notice that the picture shows a box of dry tea.  Yet the wording on the coupon says again, “Off ANY 2 lipton Tea Products”.  Its the wording on the coupon that is the legal tender of a coupon.  Not the picture.  That being said these coupons beep on any liquid Tea product.  I also bought some dry tea at Fred Meyer and the coupon did not beep.  BUT, again, using the coupon on ANY Lipton Tea Product is allowable.  Your cashier will have to push it through, or not depending on your store and cashier.

Buy 2 x Lipton Tea 1gal, $2.50 (=$5 total)
-$3 Use a $3/2 Lipton Tea products Coupon
-$0.50 Use a double coupon
Final Price=$1.50 for 2(or $0.75 ea!!!) after coupon and double

Buy a Lipton Pure Leaf tea, $1
-$1 Use a  $1/1 Lipton Tea product Coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupon

Buy a Lipton Brisk tea, $0.99
-$1 Use a  $1/1 Lipton Tea product Coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupon


2014-11-11 09.19.43

I bought one of the Pure Leaf Teas at Fred Meyer(beeped) and the Black and Green Tea at Fred Meyer(did not beep). The Dry teas were $2.69 each, bought 2 minus the $3/2 Lipton tea coupon =$2.38 for 2, or $1.19ea.  A good price.

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4 comments to FREE/Cheap Lipton Tea Products @ Safeway

  • tea tea

    the $3/2 that i used for the pure leaf teas did not work 🙁 …
    did they work for you? tell me your experience, thanks

    i think the cashier that was working at the self check out is anti-coupons, so i will try another time when a different cashier is there

    • gdog

      as i mentioned the coupon beeped. they had to override. If you get a cranky cashier, it would be a no go. Because odds are Lipton forgot to add the “exclude bottled tea”…as the coupon released today adds that verbiage. So if your cashier will do it for you, as they did at 4 different stores-4 different cashiers, it will work. Im sorry it didnt work for you. I generally dont do self checkout on a coupon i know beeps.

  • tea tea

    now the coupons have reset with captioning: “excludes single bottled tea”

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