FREE/Cheap Seeds of Change Products @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

Boy! This deal keeps coming back! This time though its even better!! If you have already printed out the coupons.com $1.50/1 this month, the coupon has NOT reset. But if you have not printed it yet, its still available, and because you waited, again, its even a better deal!


Deal Details

  • Various Seeds of Change Organic products are $2.99-$3.50
  • There is a $1.50/1 Seeds of Change Organic products Printable Coupon
  • There is also is a Whole Foods $1.50/1 Seeds of Change Organic products Printable Coupon
  • (if you buy 6 of the Curry jarred sauces you can get a 10% discount)



First lets print out the coupons.

1) First go HERE and change the zip code to 90210. Then go here $1.50/1 Seeds of Change Organic products Printable Coupon, sort by Food and you’ll see this, (print 2)

2) Then Go HERE and print this, (most stores will let you use one coupon multiple times)


I bought a few different products on sale for $2.99 this week(which would be FREE each after coupons) for the boxes of rice to the curry jarred sauces at $3.50(which would be $0.50each). If you have 6 of the coupons.com coupons(3 computers), you can get the case price which will reduce the cost to $0.15 each!!!!   These sauces have minimal organic ingredients and they look very tasty! {They are pretty tasty. The Curry Sauces are very flavorful} 🙂


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