FREE/Easy Moneymaker Neutrogena Bar Soap @ Walmart [INTERMEDIATE]

Quick Note-I was at Walmart getting the Bayer EZ Diabetes Monitor for $4.98 rollback price. Using the Walgreens $10 off Coupon, gives me a $5+overage on stuff.  Most people will not be able to take advantage of it, so that whys its just a quick note here, but to those that can.  ENJOY!!


As you just read on the last deal, you can get these for FREE at 2 other places.  At Walgreens, the policy is NOT to give you the “overage”.  BUT!…at Walmart thats not the case.  They allow you to use your “overage” towards other items in your cart.  I’m marking this deal as intermediate because unlike at Walgreens or Target, this coupon beeps at the register.  Its valid, but if you get a cranky cashier, you might get cranky stares for 3 minutes while the cranky cashier reads and re-reads every word on the coupon 9 times. 🙂  But it is a valid coupon, so LET them read it! 🙂

So the Neutrogena bar Soap are $1.97 each!!


So Buy 2 Neutrogena Bar Soaps @ $1.97(=$3.94)
-$5   use the $5/2 Neutrogena Product Coupon in the 2/24 SS
Final price =$1.06 in the negative!…or in other words, a $1.06 Moneymaker.

We need to add something in our cart worth at least $1.06 to absorb this “overage’.  The coupon does say 1 per customer,which means if you have more than one of these coupons, you should at least do them in separate transactions.

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