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So this service HAS been around for a few months.  The Kroger Chain of stores, which include Fred Meyer and QFC has been slowly rolling out the service where you order items online, set a pickup time at the store, show up at the store and they deliver all your food to your car.  They take digital and paper coupons with this “Clicklist” service!!  Over the last few month they have been giving small incentives to get you to try out the service.  Only now, in my opinion, have they offered enough FREEBIES to make this a stupid good deal!  This service still has a few kinks, but IF you are willing to try it out, have a little patience, the below ideas and freebies may be worth your time! 🙂

Deal Details

Currently you can add the following FREE item digital coupons to your loyalty card,

So the part that is a little pain, it first you need to load all the digital coupons above. THEN you need to go to the Clicklist service part of the website, Fred Meyer Clicklist.  Then you need to one by one add the above items to your Clicklist.  such as, search for Skippy peanut butter, $2.99, add to list.  then go to Heinz BBQ sauce, add 2 items…and so on.  (I wish they could combine these steps)

The part that makes this deal around $6 or cheaper is the $10/$50 coupon. All the FREE Digital coupons count towards the $50, and the instant $10 comes off before all the FREE digital coupons.  I added everything but the velveeta snacks above to equal $60.13.  I went over the $50.  I probably could have left off something, perhaps the Oscar Mayer Natural Meat & Cheese Plates, to get closer to the goal of at least $50.  But here is the thing.  IF Fred Meyer doesn’t have an item, or they substitute an item that not of that brand, the coupons will either not come off, or your total will drop below $50, and then the $10 will not come off.  So how brave are you? 🙂   (if your store has the Muscle Monster and Hungry Jack you can easily leave off an “paid for item) The Digital Coupons come off AT PICKUP. Your order will say “$x” dollars online, and when you get to store all the coupons come off BEFORE you pay.

I trying this deal with 2 different cards, and at 2 different Fred Meyers.  Im getting my 2nd transaction here in a few hours, and will report that visit. Not everything came off perfectly the first time.  The B1G1 deals didn’t seem to work.  The Freebies did. I printed out a copy of my loaded Digital coupons and brought it with me to give to them JUST in case, and i’m glad I did.(plus its a good confirmation all the digital coupons are loaded)  They fixed everything properly AND gladly actually.  Took about 15minutes total.  Not too bad.

Of course you my purpose was to get as close to $0 as possible.  I think if you load all the Freebies, you come out around $32.  you could easily add things you actually want, 🙂 , to meet the $50 mark so the $10 comes off.  Obviously this is still a fantastic deal.  I have no idea when the digital coupons will disappear. so load them soon!  Your first 3 visits(per card) you do using the Clicklist service is FREE. after that they charge you $5 or so to go get your groceries. 🙂

First Transaction $6.13

Second Transaction $7.25

The 2nd store had slightly cheaper prices on the b1g1 items, so my total was SLIGHTLY more.

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6 comments to Fun with Clicklist -Fred Meyer Doorside Service

  • Meg

    thank you for this! my sister was just encouraging me to try this yesterday. I just can’t seem to find the skippy/lara bar coupons, but I’ll play with it a bit more.

    • gdog

      the skippy MAY be gone already.
      I have found if you load up the links, log in, in a private window(firefox) or incognito mode(google chrome) you may have no issues. Just in regular mode the browser cookies can work against us

  • Olesya

    Thank you for heads up! Got a similar order in, no Oscar Mayer trays and no skippy, since coupon is not available anymore, but everything else the same plus hungry jack pancake mix, picked up this am for $5.20!!!

  • I do not shop @ Walmart

    None of my stores have Doorside yet ;-(

  • debra

    where do you find the 10.00 off 50.00? i cant find it anywhere. can you send me the link or something so i can snag it too. thanks

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